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Register for Courses

Register for Courses

FIRST – What is my student status?

  • Matriculated:  Student has applied and has been admitted to a TCNJ Global Graduate Program. Go directly to the next step – Course selection and advisement and then follow the next steps below.
  • Non-Matriculated (Overseas Visitor): Student has not yet applied for admissions or is in the process of applying for admissions; Student has previously taken a TCNJ graduate course (maximum of 3 graduate courses, 9-credits allowed).
  • New Student: Student has not taken a graduate course with TCNJ. A new student MUST submit a Visiting Student Application online with The Office of Graduate Studies.

All students who plan on taking more than three graduate courses MUST apply for admissions before they reach the 9-credit threshold. Students will not be able to register for courses beyond the 9-credit threshold.

If you are not sure what your status is you may view your academic program plan in PAWS (under the academic tab) or email our office at

Course Selection and Advisement

Please review the program planner for your program and consult your Program Advisors.

Stuart Carroll, Ph.D. – (Elementary/Secondary Education)

Linda Mayger, Ed.D. – (Educational Leadership)

Jill Schwarz, Ph.D. – (School Counseling)

Yiqiang Wu, Ph.D. – (Teaching English as a Second Language)

Course Registration

All students MUST complete and submit a pre-registration form. Upon submission, OSGP will review and will email students with course registration and tuition information. Please allow 1-2 weeks to receive a registration email.

Students will not be able to register for courses beyond the 9-credit threshold (three graduate courses). Students wishing to continue beyond three graduate courses MUST apply and be accepted into a graduate program (Certificate or M.Ed).

Course Payment and Student Fee

Payment must be made in full by the deadline indicated either on the registration confirmation email or on TCNJ’s billing calendar. OSGP prohibits students from sitting in a course with an outstanding balance on their accounts. Please visit The Office of Student Accounts to learn about the different payment plans for students.

Each month, The Office of Student Accounts sends students a TCNJ invoice to their to TCNJ email address.

Please visit TCNJ’s billing calendar to determine tuition due dates.

Student Fee: All matriculated schools in the School of Education will incur a one-time Live Text Fee of $139.

Student Financial Responsibility

Students who have registered for graduate courses with The College of New Jersey’s Off-Site Graduate Programs must reconcile all outstanding balances before the commencement of an OSGP course(s) and assume financial responsibility for the payment of tuition and fees incurred while enrolled at The College of New Jersey’s Off-Site Graduate Programs.

Please read and submit the following student responsibility form before you begin your course(s).

If your plans change and you need to drop your course(s), please immediately notify OSGP at or your account may be subject to fines.

Travel Arrangements

Students must make all travel arrangements. TCNJ does not endorse hotel accommodations, however, OSGP has compiled a list of local accommodations for your convenience for Bangkok, Lisbon, and Mallorca.

Students looking to take courses in Cairo, Vietnam, or Taiwan may contact the site coordinator for hotel recommendations.


Course Preparation – Students

TCNJ Systems

To access TCNJ systems (PAWS, Canvas, and TCNJ Email – Google Apps) go to

  • PAWS is TCNJ’s electronic student database, where students can access grades, pay tuition, order transcripts, and apply for graduation. All students are assigned a PAWS ID after submitting either a Visiting Student Application or a graduate application for admissions to a Certificate or M.Ed. global program. For PAWS help, please click here.
  • Canvas is a course management tool to post messages and upload class materials.
  • TCNJ Email: TCNJ sends all official communication via email only, including your tuition invoice.  If you don’t plan on using your TCNJ email account, it is very important that you permanently forward TCNJ emails to another email account. Please click here to learn how.

Account Lookup

Please click here to lookup/reset your password if you are unable to access PAWS, Canvas, TCNJ Email (google apps).

IT Issues

Students having difficulty accessing their passwords and accounts (after following the steps in account lookup) must reach out to the IT Help Desk on campus at For students who have forgotten their username (the first part of your TCNJ email, i.e.:, different from PAWS ID, please contact

Contact Instructor

Feel free to reach out to your instructor prior to your course as a way to introduce yourself and to learn more about course expectations. If you are not sure who your instructor is, please contact OSGP at If an instructor has been assigned, our office can forward you the instructor’s contact information.