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Admissions Process

Steps to Apply for Admission

First – What is my current status?

  • Matriculated: The student has applied and been admitted to an off-site graduate program.
  • Non-Matriculated (Overseas Visitor): The student has not yet applied for admissions or is in the process of applying; the student has previously taken a TCNJ graduate course (a maximum of 3 graduate courses, 9 credits allowed).
  • New Student: The student has not taken a graduate course with TCNJ. A new student MUST submit a graduate application.

All students who plan on taking more than three graduate courses MUST apply for admissions before they reach the 9-credit threshold. Students will not be able to register for courses beyond the 9-credit threshold. If you are unsure of your status, you may view your academic program plan in PAWS (under the academic tab) or email our office at

1. Submit a Graduate Application

Please complete and submit a graduate application. The application fee is $75.00 (waived for former TCNJ students who have completed either an undergraduate or graduate program).

Supplementary materials mentioned below are uploaded to Slate, the admissions and enrollment management platform. For more information, see the Slate instructional guide (PDF).

2. Official Transcripts

Sealed official transcripts from each college you have attended.  Students who have attended a non-US institution MUST have all educational documents evaluated by an independent organization. OSGP shares, but does not specifically endorse, the following credential evaluation services for your convenience: WES.  Other approved evaluation services can be found through NACES.

3. Recommendations

Two Recommendation Forms: Secure two individuals and have them complete a recommendation form on your behalf. They must be able to evaluate your academic performance, relevant work experience, and/or ability to pursue graduate work. The letters of recommendation can be uploaded with your online application.

4. Student Essay

Applicants must write a 1-2 page personal statement expressing professional goals and reasons for applying to TCNJ. The student essay may be uploaded along with your online graduate application.

5. Standardized Test Scores (MEd and MA only and specific certificate programs)

Achieve a passing score on one of the following assessments:

  1. Praxis Core: (Only required for NJ-based students looking to pursue initial certification with NJDOE in the ESL and the RISE programs) SCORES: Reading – 156; Math – 150; Writing – 162
    Free online test resources (ETS and Khan Academy) are available to help students prepare for the Praxis Core.
  2. Score in the top one-third percentile on the SAT, ACT, or GRE for the year the test was taken. Admission Testing and Waiver
  3. International applicants whose native language is not English MUST take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOFEL). All test scores MUST be sent to The College of New Jersey (#2519). If a candidate completes and passes the Pre-Professional Skills Test (PPST / Praxis I) before June 2014, the Department will accept passing scores on those exams to satisfy the basic skills requirement (passing scores on the PPST are as follows: Reading: 175, Math: 174, Writing: 173).

6. Resumé/CV

Students can submit their resumé/CV online with their graduate application.

7. Copy of Teaching Certificate

This is needed for specific certificate programs. Please consult an academic advisor to learn more.

Stuart Carroll, Ph.D. – (Elementary/Secondary Education
Linda Mayger, Ed.D. – (Educational Leadership)
Jill Schwarz, Ph.D. – (School Counseling)
Yiqiang Wu, Ph.D. – (Teaching English as a Second Language)

Steps from Admission to Certificate and/or MEd

Below are flow charts outlining the admissions requirements, including visiting student steps and Certificate of Qualification (CQ) for the following certificate programs.

Certificate Documents

Students who complete specific certificate programs through OSGP may be eligible to receive the following documents, if applicable.

Certificate of Qualification (CQ)

The Certificate of Qualification (CQ) is a graduation document available to all students (US Citizens and non-US citizens). The School of Education provides the CQ and verifies that the required graduate program coursework (teacher preparation, leadership, school counseling) is completed. It is a credential widely recognized by International Schools and their accrediting agencies. Students will be eligible to receive their CQ upon meeting all program requirements. At the end of their program, students must apply for graduation to receive a CQ.

Certificate of Eligibility with Advanced Standing (CEAS)

Students (US citizens) who complete the TESL certificate through one of TCNJ’s domestic programs will be eligible for a Certificate of Eligibility with Advanced Standing (CEAS).  This credential issued to an individual who has completed a teacher preparation program and met the basic certification requirements, including academic study and applicable test requirements. The CEAS authorizes an individual to seek and accept employment in NJ public schools requiring certification.  The CEAS is issued to an individual who does not hold an NJ Standard certificate or has not completed two years of full-time teaching under a valid out-of-state instructional certificate. The CEAS application portal can be accessed on TCNJ’s Certification Office’s website. 

Standard Certificate

Students (US citizens) who complete the MA in school counseling may apply for a standard certificate with the NJ Department of Education.

Questions about graduate admissions and program requirements:

Elementary/Secondary Education: Stuart Carroll, PhD –
Educational Leadership: Linda Mayger, EdD –
School Counseling: Jill Schwarz, PhD –
Teaching English as a Second Language: Yiqiang Wu, PhD –