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Principals’ Training Center (PTC)

The College of New Jersey works cooperatively with The Principals’ Training Center to allow students to earn graduate credit for the completion of specified PTC/TLI/EAL/CTC workshops. Students may combine graduate credit from PTC courses with TCNJ’s programs in Counselor Education, Educational Leadership, Elementary/Secondary Education, and/or Teaching ESL at our global sites and online.

General TCNJ/PTC Information

Click here to learn more about the TCNJ/PTC relationship and options for receiving graduate credit for select PTC courses.

Summer 2024 PTC Course Schedule (with TCNJ Equivalencies)

Please check back soon.

TCNJ Graduate Program Planners

TCNJ Educational Leadership Program Planner (PDF)

TCNJ Elementary/Secondary Teaching Program Planner (PDF)

TCNJ Teaching ESL Program Planner (PDF)

TCNJ Counselor Education Program Planner (PDF)

How do I bank my PTC courses with TCNJ?

  1. Submit the registration form and fee to your PTC Coordinator.
  2. Submit additional assignments to your PTC instructor (as instructed).

When will my PTC credits be banked with TCNJ?

After your PTC is completed the process of banking your credits with TCNJ begins. Please allow 3-4 weeks for your PTC course to appear on your TCNJ transcript. When the process is complete, TCNJ Off-Site Graduate Programs will contact all PTC students who have banked credits via email. The email will provide information on how to obtain official transcripts and how to later matriculate into a TCNJ graduate program.

Will I need to apply to a TCNJ graduate program to bank my PTC course? (Visiting Student Application)

It is not necessary to be matriculated in a program of study to bank credit.  Students may bank or take their first four (4) courses with TCNJ by completing a visiting student application (no application fee or admission materials required).

PTC participants may transfer in one of the following to TCNJ:

  1. Four PTC courses (at this time, only two CTC courses can be banked)
  2. Two PTC courses AND two faculty-approved external transfers
  3. Two faculty-approved external transfers

Banked PTC courses are good for 6 years prior to admission into a M.Ed. or certificate program.

Admissions Information (Admission and Visiting Student Applications)

  1. Overseas Visiting Students Students under this status may take up to four (4) PTC before matriculating into a TCNJ graduate program. Students must complete a visiting student application (no application fee or admission materials required).
  2. Matriculated Students Students planning on completing a TCNJ M.Ed. or graduate certificate program must apply for matriculation by submitting the following admissions materials: 
  • Completed Graduate Application/Application Fee ($75)
  • Official Undergraduate Transcripts (evaluated if degree earned outside of the US)
  • Two Letters of Recommendation
  • Essay
  • Standardized Test Scores (for M.Ed. program only)
  • Resumé

Off-Site Graduate Program (OSGP) FAQs

Please visit OSGP’s FAQ page to learn everything you need to know about being an Off-Site Graduate Student at TCNJ.

Please register below for group online information/advising sessions with a TCNJ/OSGP representative.  During the sessions, the TCNJ/OSGP representative will guide PTC participants on a plan of study toward a TCNJ certificate or master’s degree program.

Group information/advising sessions (online)

Please contact OSGP to schedule an advising appointment (Zoom) with an OSGP staff member.