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International School Counseling

Master of Arts in Counseling, MA

Standard Certification (US Citizens Only) 

In addition to earning an MA in Counseling, US Citizens are eligible to apply for School Counseling certification in the state of NJ, which is transferable to other US states. Students will be eligible to apply for a Standard Certification.  Please consult the New Jersey Department of Education Endorsement Code for additional information.

Certificate of Qualification (CQ) (US and Non-US Citizens) 

The CQ is issued to U.S. citizens and non-citizens and verifies the completion of TCNJ’s International School Counseling Program. Although the CQ is not a teaching license from the State of New Jersey, it is accepted by national or provincial schools, and international schools and their accrediting agencies recognize it. It allows candidates to teach within the international school community outside of the U.S.

Program Information and Planner 

This accredited program, led by a dedicated TCNJ faculty of seasoned counselors, focuses on experiential learning to prepare students for becoming school counselors in the international K-12 setting. Students can study online in the fall and spring semesters and/or take in-person courses each summer in Portugal.

School Counseling Program Planner – Please refer to the program planner for all course requirements.

Please consult Jill Schwarz, academic advisor, for advisement at

The Master of Arts in School Counseling is an accredited program that leads to a Master’s Degree in Counseling and NJ School Counseling Certification (US Citizens) and/or a Certificate of Qualification (non-US Citizens).  


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