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Elementary and Secondary Education Program

All students who complete the Elementary and Secondary Education programs will receive a TCNJ Certificate and may be eligible to apply for a Certificate of Qualification (CQ). A CQ, issued from the State of New Jersey, confirms a student has completed a state-approved program. US Citizens have the additional option of applying online for a Certificate of Eligibility (CE) directly through the NJ Department of Education pending they meet the requirements of the current Certificate Endorsement Code (Elementary K-6) or Secondary Certificate Endorsement Code at the point of application.

» Program Planner: Certificate and M.Ed. Elementary Education (PDF)

» Program Planner: Certificate and M.Ed. Secondary Education (PDF)

What is my student status?

  1. Matriculated:  Student has applied and has been admitted to a TCNJ Global Graduate Program.
  2. Non-Matriculated (Overseas Visitor): Student has not yet applied for admissions or is in the process of applying for admissions; Student has previously taken a TCNJ graduate course (maximum of 3 graduate courses, 9-credits allowed).
  3. New Student: Student has not taken a graduate course with TCNJ. A new student MUST submit a Visiting Student Application online with The Office of Graduate Studies.

All students who plan on taking more than three graduate courses MUST apply for admissions before they reach the 9-credit threshold. Students will not be able to register for courses beyond the 9-credit threshold.

What courses should I take?

Please review the academic planner for your program (ie: Elementary Education or Secondary Education). Consult the Faculty Advisor, Stuart Carroll, Ph.D. at with questions about admissions, course selection, transfer of credits, and certification.

How do I register for my course(s)?

All students MUST complete and submit a pre-registration form. Upon submission, OSGP will review and advise, if needed, students on course selection. OSGP will email students with course registration and tuition information. Please allow 1-2 weeks to receive a registration email.

Students will not be able to register for courses beyond the 9-credit threshold. For more information on the 9 -credit threshold, please go to “what is my student status?

How and when do I pay for my course(s)?

Payment must be made in full by the deadline indicated either on the registration confirmation email or on TCNJ’s billing calendar. OSGP prohibits students from sitting in a course with an outstanding balance on their accounts. Please visit The Office of Student Accounts to learn about the different payment plans for students.

To determine when my tuition is due, please visit TCNJ’s billing calendar (Courses which are taken in Cairo, Vietnam, and Taiwan will not follow the billing calendar.)

How long will my program take?

Please consult the faculty advisor, Stuart Carroll, Ph.D. at, for assistance in mapping out your program. Click here for an example of a program sequence.

Do I make my own travel arrangements?

Yes, students make all travel arrangements. Please visit our site pages for more information. *OSGP cannot endorse the list of accommodations, it was curated from travel websites: Cairo, Taiwan, Vietnam, Bangkok and Mallorca.

What do I receive after I complete my program?

Certificate Candidates: Students who successfully complete the Elementary or Secondary Certificate program will receive a TCNJ Certificate. All Elementary or Secondary Certificate completers (US Citizens and Non-US Citizens) may be eligible to apply for a Certificate of Qualification. US Citizens will have the option to apply themselves for a Certificate of Eligibility.

Degree Candidates: Students who successfully complete a M.Ed. will receive a TCNJ diploma.


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