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6 Sites • Endless Opportunities

The College of New Jersey’s Off-Site Graduate Programs offers a variety of intensive global programs both during the academic year and over the summer from which you can obtain a certificate or Master’s degree of TCNJ merit without ever stepping foot on TCNJ’s campus! Our programs include Elementary, Secondary, or Special Education, English as a Second Language, Counselor Education School Counseling, and Educational Leadership. For more information regarding course requirements for each of these programs please refer to our program planners below:

Elementary Education Certificate/Master’s Program Planner

Secondary Education Certificate/Master’s Program Planner

Special Education Certificate/Master’s Program Planner

English as a Second Language Certificate/Master’s Program Planner

Counselor Education School Counseling Master’s Program Planner

Educational Leadership Certificate/Master’s Program Planner


Courses for these programs are offered at one of our many global locations including summers in Mallorca, Spain; Bangkok, Thailand; or Lisbon, Portugal; in addition to the academic year (September to June) in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; Hsinchu, Taiwan; or Cairo, Egypt. We also offer ESL cohorts through various school districts in New Jersey. Each of our rigorous, in-person courses within these programs takes place over the course of 7-8 days! For a detailed description of all of our courses please refer here.


A sample program sequence for a student pursuing a Certificate or Master’s in

Elementary or Secondary Education may be as follows:

I. First Summer:

Three courses in Bangkok or Mallorca.

II. Fall/Spring

1. Student-teaching Internship in the home country.

2. Online course through

III. Second Summer:

Three courses in Bangkok or Mallorca.

** Completion of Certification.**

IV. Third Summer (optional):

Three courses in Bangkok or Mallorca.
** Completion of Master of Education Degree.**


If you are looking to get started with us at a global site, we recommend completing the pre-registration form now. Students are eligible to take up to three courses before matriculating into a program. To apply for matriculation, please visit the Office of Graduate Studies to start an application.


Any questions regarding our programs, course sites, or program sequences can be directed to

OSGP Course Preregistration FormsPre-Register Now