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Prospective Students

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The College of New Jersey’s Off-Site Graduate Programs offers a variety of intensive global programs both during the academic year and over the summer from which you can obtain a certificate or Master’s degree of TCNJ merit without ever stepping foot on TCNJ’s campus! Our programs include Elementary, Secondary, or Special Education, English as a Second Language, Counselor Education School Counseling, and Educational Leadership. For more information regarding course requirements for each of these programs please refer to our program planners below:

Elementary Education Certificate/Master’s Program Planner

Secondary Education Certificate/Master’s Program Planner

Special Education Certificate/Master’s Program Planner

English as a Second Language Certificate/Master’s Program Planner

Counselor Education School Counseling Master’s Program Planner

Educational Leadership Certificate/Master’s Program Planner


Courses for these programs are offered at one of our many global locations including summers in Mallorca, Spain; Bangkok, Thailand; or Lisbon, Portugal; in addition to the academic year (September to June) in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; Hsinchu, Taiwan; or Cairo, Egypt. We also offer ESL cohorts through various school districts in New Jersey. Each of our rigorous, in-person courses within these programs takes place over the course of 7-8 days! For a detailed description of all of our courses please refer here.


A sample program sequence for a student pursuing a Certificate or Master’s in

Elementary or Secondary Education may be as follows:

I. First Summer:

Three courses in Bangkok or Mallorca.

II. Fall/Spring

1. Student-teaching Internship in the home country.

2. Online course through

 III. Second Summer:

Three courses in Bangkok or Mallorca.

** Completion of Certification.**

 IV. Third Summer (optional):

Three courses in Bangkok or Mallorca.
** Completion of Master of Education Degree.**


If you are looking to get started with us at a global site, we recommend completing the pre-registration form now. Students are eligible to take up to three courses before matriculating into a program. To apply for matriculation, please visit the Office of Graduate Studies to start an application. 


Any questions regarding our programs, course sites, or program sequences can be directed to

Pre-registration is available for Fall CoursesPre-Register Now