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Lisbon, Portugal

Students pursuing a master’s degree in School Counseling or taking graduate courses in Addictions Counseling may enroll in courses at our Lisbon site, hosted at St. Julian’s School. The school is ideally located in beautiful Carcavelos, just 12.5 miles from Lisbon, 3 minutes from the train station and a short walk from the beach. Courses are offered in a condensed format over 7-8 days during the summer.

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Master’s and Certificate Programs

International School Counseling

Spring 2020 Course Offerings


EPSY 643 Measurement and Evaluation (3 credits) – on-line

COUN 545 Community Agency Counseling (3 credits) – on-line

EPSY 520 Fundamentals of Human Development (3 credits) – on-line

COUN 694 Internship (3 credits)


Please click here to preregister for the Spring 2020 courses. 


Required Textbooks for Spring 2020

Please check back for details.

Summer 2020 Course Offerings (Lisbon, Portugal)

Course offerings are subject to change.

Course times: 8:30 am – 3:30 pm 

The pre-registration form will be made available in December 2019.

Session I: June 29 – July 8

COUN 501 Introduction to Counseling || Instructor: TBD

COUN 675 Group Counseling || Instructor: TBD

Session I: July 9 – 17

COUN 670 Counseling Theory and Techniques || Instructor: TBD

COUN 535 Career Counseling Placement || Instructor: TBD

COUN 551 Substance Abuse and Addiction: Individual, Family, and Society || Instructor: TBD

Session III: July 20 – July 29

COUN 515 Statistics/Research Counseling || Instructor: TBD

COUN 530 Multicultural Counseling || Instructor: TBD


Required Textbooks for Summer 2020

Please check back for details.

About the Location

Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and a major player in the country’s finance, commerce, art, international trade, education, and tourism. A prized destination and hub of culture and innovation, Lisbon attracts visitors from all over the world. It’s also the oldest city in Western Europe, offering a delightful mix of the history and progress. St. Julian’s School is ideally located in beautiful Carcavelos, just 12.5 miles from Lisbon, 3 minutes from the train station and a short walk from the beach.

The College of New Jersey graduate program in Lisbon is held at St. Julian’s School, Quinta Nova 2775-588 Carcavelos, Portugal.


Accommodations in Lisbon

TCNJ does not endorse specific accommodations

Students must book accommodation independently and there are many websites where you can locate and explore a variety of apartment and hotel options that may suit your needs. Please visit TCNJ’s Lisbon Facebook page for housing suggestions or to connect with other students looking for shared accommodation. Additionally, you can visit Counselor Education’s Portugal website for more information on this program.

Summer 2018 Portugal Hotel Options Map (PDF)

Portugal Hotel Options Addresses (PDF)

Cascais Housing Map (PDF)

Sintra Housing Map (PDF)

Estoril Housing Map (PDF)

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