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Hsinchu, Taiwan

Students pursuing certification and/or master’s degree in education may enroll in graduate courses at our Taiwan site, hosted at Pacific American School. Courses are offered in a condensed format, over 7 days during the academic year, in the fields of Elementary Education and Secondary Education.

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Master’s and Certificate Programs

Elementary Education; Secondary Education

2019-2020 Course Offerings

Course offerings are tentative and subject to change. Please click here to access the pre-registration form.

Fall 2019

September 21 – 29, 2019

ELEM/SCED 663 – Advanced Trends || Susana Matos-Kruck

December 7 – 15, 2019

EDFN 521 – Cultural Foundations in Education II Nathan Smith and Jaami Franklin

Winter 2020

January 11 – 19, 2019

EPSY 523 – Advanced Child & Adolescent Growth and Development II Instructor: MinSoo Kim-Bossard

EDFN 508 – Research II Instructor: Tabitha Dell’Angelo

Spring 2020

March 14-April 5, 2020

SPED 501 – Students with Disabilities in our Schools II Instructor: Patricia Murray (running online)

CURR 514 – Curriculum, Theory and Practice II Instructor: Vanessa Karwan (running online)

Summer 2020

May 16- June 6, 2020

RDLG 579 – Content Area and Literacy II Instructor: Solange Lopes-Murphy (running online)

ELEM/SCED 696 Culminating Seminar II Instructor: Brenda Leake (running online)

Class Meeting Schedule

Please note that the March and May courses will be offered online and will not include any in-person meetings.

Saturday: 9AM–4PM
Sunday: 9AM–4PM
Monday:  6PM–9PM
Tuesday: No Class
Wednesday: 6PM–9PM
Thursday: 6PM–9PM
Friday: No Class
Saturday: 9AM–4PM
Sunday: 9AM–4PM

Graduation Information and Certification Completion

Students nearing the end of their program MUST apply for graduation. Students completing a Certificate program MUST apply for Certification (CE and CQ). Students moving from a Certificate program into a M.Ed. program MUST submit a new graduate application.

About the Location

Pacific American School

No. 307, Section 1, Xinglong Road, Zhubei City, Hsinchu County, 302

Pacific American School is situated in Zhubei – a rapidly expanding city, stimulated by its close proximity to the Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park. New restaurants and retail outlets of all kinds establish themselves here on a seemingly daily basis to cater to the needs of an increasingly diverse local community. Visitors also like to explore historic temples, beautiful public gardens, and the surrounding mountain trails.
The school itself is located along Xinglong Road, one of Zhubei’s major arteries, just ten minutes from the nationally connected High-Speed Rail station. From this hub, the rest of the country is easily accessible with Taiwan’s modern metropolis Taipei reachable in a mere thirty minutes.
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Contact the Coordinator

For more information regarding this site, please contact on-site coordinator Vincent Chen ( or Dr. Stuart Carroll, Faculty Director of Graduate Global Programs ( or 609-771-2221).

Summer 2020 courses will now be offered ONLINE (COVID-19 Pandemic Response)Pre-Register Now