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Program Information and Student Information

Program Information

Off-Site Graduate Programs offers students the opportunity to pursue graduate programs in several global sites.

Elementary Education 

M.Ed. and/or Certificate Elementary Education Courses in the following locations.

Secondary Education 

M.Ed. and/or Certificate Secondary Education Courses in the following locations.

Teaching English as a Second Language 

M.Ed. and/or Certificate ESL Courses in the following locations.

Educational Leadership 

Post-Master’s Certificate and/or M.Ed. Educational Leadership Courses in the following locations.

School Counseling

MA School Counseling Courses in the following location. Counseling courses are also offered on-line throughout the academic year,

Student Forms and Information

Change of Program Form

Matriculated students interested in changing their academic program (i.e.: Secondary Education Certificate to Elementary Education Certificate) MUST complete a change of program form. Please consult your faculty advisor for advisement. Upon submission of the form, please allow 2-3 weeks for changes to reflect in PAWS.

Agreement Form (For students enrolled in ELEM/SCED 694 or 695)

Students currently enrolled in ELEM/SCED 694 or 695 MUST complete an agreement form before beginning their clinical practice.

Graduation Application

Candidates either completing an M.Ed. or a Certificate MUST apply for graduation. M.Ed. candidates incur a $100 graduation fee (the application fee is waived for Certificate candidates). Only matriculated students are eligible to apply for graduation.

Graduation applications are due in February. OSGP cannot guarantee diploma/TCNJ certificate will be available to the student during the graduation ceremony in Mallorca or Bangkok if the graduation application is received past the February deadline.

For other sites, diplomas and TCNJ Certificates will be mailed by the Office of Records and Registration to students 4-6 weeks after their degree or certificate is posted on their TCNJ transcripts.

Graduation Application Deadlines

  • Spring, Summer, and Fall candidates MUST submit a graduation application in February of that year.
  • Winter candidates MUST submit a graduation application in December.

Certification Application

Along with submitting a graduation application, candidates completing a Certificate MUST apply for the CQ. United States citizens have the additional option of applying for the CE. (Matriculated Students Only)

Certificate of Qualification: Upon program completion, ALL STUDENTS may apply for a Certificate of Qualification. The Certificate of Qualification, which was developed collaboratively by TCNJ and the State of New Jersey Department of Education, Office of Certification and Induction, is issued to both U.S. citizens and non-U.S. citizens who are living abroad. The CQ verifies the completion of a teacher preparation program that allows candidates to teach within the International School community (outside of the U.S.).

Certificate of Eligibility: Eligible U.S. citizens may apply directly to the New Jersey Department of Education for a Certificate of Eligibility

Please allow 4-6 weeks after your certificate is posted to receive your CQ or CE. A paper copy of the CQ is mailed to the student, while the CE is only available online through The New Jersey Department of Education  Please visit Print My CE Certificate if you would like a physical copy of the CE.

Students Moving from a Certificate to M.Ed. (Elementary, Secondary, or ESL)

Students graduating from a Certificate program and continuing to a Master’s program MUST complete a new graduate application (no other admission materials or fee is needed). Click the “Apply” button to access the graduate application. Students will use the same login information that they used for their initial application.

Please contact the Office of Graduate and Advancing Education directly at if you are experiencing any difficulties.

Live Text Fee

LiveText is an electronic portfolio and assessment system. The program is used in the School of Education for two purposes:
1. to submit your edTPA portfolio as required by the state to qualify for teaching certification, and
2. to gather data about student learning to maintain accreditation by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (CAEP).

All matriculated students in the School of Education, including OSGP students, incur a one-time live text fee.

Order TCNJ Transcripts

Students may order official transcripts through the Office of Records and Registration. There are several different options.


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