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Graduation & Certifications


Students completing a Certificate program or a M.Ed. program must apply for graduation via PAWS in February of the year (spring, summer, or fall) they intend to graduate.  Candidates completing a M.Ed. incur a $100 graduation fee; this is reconciled through PAWS upon applying for graduation. Certification candidates are not required to pay the graduation fee.

Completing two graduate programs in the same term? Students completing two graduate programs in one term MUST submit two applications for graduation. For example, if a student is completing a Certificate in Elementary Education and an M.Ed. in Elementary Education during the same summer, then s/he must submit two graduation applications for each program.

Applications received past the February deadline may not receive their diploma/certificate on-site (Mallorca or Bangkok) during the summer graduation ceremony.


In March 2019, Off-Site Graduate Programs, Secondary and Elementary Education Certificate Programs, was approved by the New Jersey Department of Education.  As a result, U.S. citizens, at the end of their program, are eligible to apply for a Certificate of Eligibility (CE) through TCNJ’s Certification Office. A CE is a teaching certificate recognized by international schools and their accrediting agencies. Non-US-Citizens are eligible to apply for a Certificate of Qualification (CQ) through TCNJ’s Certification Office. The CQ is also a teaching certificate of equivalency and is recognized by international schools and their accrediting agencies.

U.S. citizens apply for the Certificate of Eligibility   (CE).
Non-U.S. citizens apply for the Certificate of Qualification (CQ).

For more information on certification requirements, please refer to the certification requirements for CE and CQ students seeking certifications. Please also visit the Certification Office.


Students graduating from a Certificate program and continuing to a Master’s program MUST complete a new graduate application (no other admission materials or fee is needed). Click the “Apply” button to access the graduate application. Students will use the same login information they used for their initial application. For those students who forgot their initial login information or who are experiencing issues when reapplying, please contact The Office of Graduate and Advancing Education at

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