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Graduation & Certifications

** BEFORE applying for graduation you MUST matriculate into your program**


All students completing a certification or Master’s program through TCNJ must apply for graduation via PAWS in February of the year they intend to graduate. For certification students, the $100 graduation fee is waived; this fee applies to graduating Master’s students only and is automatically applied to a student’s PAWS account.

Completing two graduate programs in the same term? For students who are completing two graduate programs in one term, they must submit two applications for graduation. For example, if a student is completing a Certificate in Elementary Education and a M.Ed. in Elementary Education during the summer, then s/he must submit two graduation applications for each program.

If you plan on graduating in 2019 (spring, summer, or fall), please apply for graduation by February 21, 2019. Applications received past the February 15 deadline may be subject to fines.


U.S. citizens, at the end of their program, are eligible to apply for a Certificate of Eligibility with Advanced Standing (CEAS) through the State of New Jersey*.  A CEAS is a teaching certificate that is recognized by most, if not all, international schools. Non-US-Citizens are eligible to apply for a Certificate of Qualification (CQ) through the State of New Jersey. This is a certificate of equivalency, stating that you have completed the requirements for the CEAS, but without a U.S. Social Security Number, the State cannot grant you a CEAS. The CQ is recognized as a teaching certificate by most, if not all, international schools.

U.S. citizens will need to apply for the Certificate of Eligibility with Advanced Standing (CEAS).
Non-U.S. citizens will need to apply for the Certificate of Qualification (CQ).

*Certificate in Elementary/Secondary Education pending State of NJ approval, 3/2018


Candidates for teacher certification must have sufficient undergraduate coursework in their certification area.

I. Elementary Education Requirements 

  • Students need a total of 60 hours of credits in arts & science areas (e.g. Psychology, Sociology, Chemistry, Biology, Modern Language, Economics, Statistics, etc.).
  • Within those 60 credit hours, students need 2 classes in mathematics, 2 in a hard science, 2 in English language or literature, and 1 in U.S. history.
  • Students who are missing any of these prerequisites may be admitted to the program but may not complete it or be certified until the necessary prerequisites are met.

II. Secondary Subject Area Requirements

  • Students need a total of 30 hours of study in their field, including 12 at the 300 or 400 level.
  • For Mathematics, 12 credits of engineering coursework may be accepted, but courses in accounting and/or finance are not recognized as Mathematics classes.
  • For English, credits obtained in journalism, communication, and theater may count towards the 30 hours, but students need at least 12 hours of literature coursework.
  • For Social Studies, students need 15 hours of history coursework, including at least 1 world and 1 U.S. History class. Students must also have taken classes covering the areas of geography, economics, political science, and sociology/anthropology.
  • The Sciences are straightforward, but students should note that they need a total of 30 hours in a single science discipline, i.e. there is no “generic” science certification.

Additionally, all candidates formally accepted into an educator preparation program must demonstrate basic skills competency by submitting ONE of the following:

Praxis Core Test Test Code Qualifying Score
Reading 5712 156
Writing 5722 162
Mathematics 5732 150


  • As of May 15, 2015, the New Jersey Department of Education will no longer issue paper CEAS licenses. Instead, your certificates will be available to view and download online through the New Jersey Teacher Certification Information System (TCIS) sponsored by the New Jersey Department of Education. Information on the certificate includes teacher’s name, certificate name, certificate ID number, date of issuance.
  • If you wish to check the status of a recent application, please click here.

Please Note: It will take up to 6 weeks from the posted graduation or completion date to view a license status. New teachers will not be listed in the TCIS until AFTER the license has been issued.

For more information on certification requirements, please visit the Certification Office.


If you have already completed your certificate program and are planning on continuing to the Master’s program, you will need to complete an application. To complete an application for the M.Ed. program, click the “Apply Now” button. Do not create a new account. Instead, you should login to the application account you created when you applied for matriculation into the certificate program. Then, start a new application for the Master’s program. Your login for the application account is not the same as your PAWS login. If you forget your password for the application account, you can enter the e-mail address that you used to open that account, click “Forgot Password,” and the system will e-mail you a new password. In completing the M.Ed. application, you will not need to submit an application fee, nor will you need to provide additional supplemental documents.

If you have any questions, please contact Graduate and Advancing Education at


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